• Here is my fav pic and hope this memory stays with me forever… even through the all fun, excitement, activities, parties, and craziness of Ibiza, I found time to be calm and take in the gloriousness of this sunset and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us daily. I had a fabulous trip.
    Donna Kambarran
  • To sum up my trip I’d say “Amazing, majestic and unique. A nice balance exists between partying and the culture of the Island, definitely worth adding to your bucket list.
    Lisa Harris
  • I went on the trip hoping to have some fun and meet some new people. Party Planet organised the whole week so well that everyone felt at home and as a result we had so much fun every single day 24/7. All organizing was done top class by Tracey & Shameem and exceeded all my expectations!! We never had to worry about a thing – it all just “happened” thanks to the ladies.
    One of the best weeks of my life and one I will never forget. On top of that I made amazing friends that will last a lifetime!! Well Done Party Planet!!
    Russell Krug
  • Celebrating a birthday with such amazing fellow travellers in the picturesque Croatia, was a truly unforgettable experience. Thank you to you all!!
    George Rautenbach

  • This was by far one of the best holidays I have been on. It’s always a little nerve wrecking when you go on holiday with a group of strangers because there’s bound to be a few personality clashes but, in our case, we were very lucky… Everyone got on amazingly well from the word go.
    The party planet team made us feel welcome from the very moment we met at the airport and their sparkling personalities kept us entertained throughout the trip.
    We spent the days sailing from one island to the next seeing some of the most beautiful oceans and surrounding scenery. Once we reached our destination, we had time to explore and take in the atmosphere.
    At night we started off on the boat with a few drinks to extract those party personalities and then went out on a night in the town and enjoyed the many parties that were on our schedule. The trip was perfectly planned so that we were able to enjoy the beautiful country as well as enjoy the awesome nightlife. A big surprise to all was a VIP experience at one of the top clubs in Dubrovnik which was definitely a night to remember.
    The trip was very well organized and the friendliness of the party planet team as well as the staff on board our boat made it a really memorable experience. We shared a lot of good laughs and made some good friends and it is definitely an experience I would recommend to anyone.
    I look forward to joining them again in the near future for another trip 😊
    Kevin Naidoo

  • What an incredible experience! A must for anyone looking for an adventure with like-minded individuals in some of the most beautiful locations on the planet. If Croatia was anything to go by you can expect to make new friends, party to your heart’s content, and take some great pics for the gram!
    Mad Money Mike (Michael Bossenger)
  • Zanzibar was honestly the trip of a lifetime! Not only was it the most breathtakingly beautiful escape from reality and routine of everyday life; but the friendships and bonds that were developed on the trip will last a lifetime! I’m so thankful to have experienced this with such stunning souls! Would go back in a heartbeat!
    Kathryn Allderman
  • “A picture is worth a thousand words” … NOT when you go to Zanzibar with Party Planet!! Absolutely no amount of photos will ever capture the true essence of the trip, it is something you have to personally experience. The trip was planned to perfection. The individuals that formed part of the trip, were like fragments forming part of your soul during the entire stay. Like old friends meeting up after years of absence. The Island was magnificent and beautiful. Group-spirit of the moment decisions lead us to the most amazing scenery, meeting people and experiencing the local lifestyle, an experience you won’t ever forget. The accommodation was picturesque, delightful and relaxing. Ever since we got onto the tour bus with a warm “Hakuna Matata”, we felt right at home, a simple “Pole Pole” quickly reminded one that there is more to life than the hustle and bustle we deliberately expose ourselves to. That of course translates to “take it easy, take it slow”. This trip is definitely worth planning for. To sum the trip up, it is somewhere where you can just be. Be yourself, be relaxed, be excited, be part of the memory! (P.S. We are looking forward to the next trip.)
    Shawn & Suné
  • I’d like to take this opportunity and thank the 5star party planet team, 5fm team and all the other sponsors that were involved on make this trip possible.
    My partner and I had the best time of our lives in Thailand, we made life time memories, met new awesome people and we learned a lot. I can write a book about our experience over that 8 days period.
    Keep up the good work you’re doing and spread the love, happiness and create more memorable trips for others.
    We’ll definitely meet in the future.
    Happy New year and God bless.
    With love from
    Siphiwo and Sinazo
  • Cancun! Wow, what a place! Soft, sandy beaches; crystal clear, turquoise seas & of course, spring breakers for days. What a party.
    The Party Planet guide, Shameem, was fantastic, and really helpful every step of the way.
    Tamsin Webb

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